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About Be Sew Blessed Quilts

"Do what you love and love what you do," ~Ray Bradbury.

I'm Elaina Grathwohl, and I'm sew happy you've stopped by to see what my biz is all about!

Be Sew Blessed Quilts began as a dream for the distant future years ago.  Support from friends and family kindled the dream into a reality one amazing step at a time.  

My incredible husband and I worked to organize the work space (Studio G) in our home where I initially quilted for myself and taught lessons to local quilters.  As a full-time elementary school teacher, that was a practical and healthy way to relieve stress and satisfy my need to create.  Longarming for others was always part of the plan to allow me to transition away from teaching and invest more time in our family.  With  commitment to that plan, doors flew open to blessings of the perfect machine as my business companion and lots of customer projects to keep the needles and thread stitching- making something that matters!

The quilting community is full of amazing people!  I've met so many wonderful people, been blessed by their stories (often connected to their quilts), and have been humbled with the honor of finishing their quilts.  I've grown from just a few projects here and there to needing a careful use of my time to get all the work done well.

Today, I love what I do, look for fresh and inspiring ideas to practice, and find ways to be a blessing to others.  

Be Blessed - Sew Blessed! 

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